Photo Contest

Good afternoon ladies and gents. My sincere apologies as I haven’t been blogging at all in the last couple of months. So much has happened but I’m finally back with new ideas 🙂

From this week forward, I will be starting a photo contest each week and portray a theme. Contributors will submit their TOP 3 pictures during the week and the winner will be selected on the weekend from its presentation and relation to the theme for each week.
I will be posting few of my pictures as well but will NEVER select my own photos. That’s cheating and just plain not fair. My inspiration for this contest came for the weekly contest from my Instagram account @vstgoglobal and loving every moment of it. There is so much talent out there and I want to share with all of you!

Send all submissions to

In your email, please state the following:
-your first/nickname name
-general geographic location from where you’re located
-where the picture was located (optional)
-your blog/website if you have one/would like to share (optional)
*If you have people in your pictures please make sure that they are okay with being published online. *
Please don’t send me inappropriate images or quotes at all or you will be blocked so let’s keep this as clean as possible.
Be creative in your pictures. For example if you see a ladybug on a branch, send it to me in black and white or sepia. Show me the magic of your talent because I am looking for passion and passion only! Sometimes I will have a theme without edits and will mention that when I post it for the upcoming week.
IMPORTANT NOTE: There is no monetary reward for contributing or winning but with the amount of views that I have per month, loyal readers will be able to see international talent posted on this amazing blog.

Final results: I will be posting 1 photo from each contributor who submits their pictures and mention the winner on the weekend.

Remember: this is a place where you can showcase your talents and let them shine. Don’t be afraid to show who you really are because this blog will accept you for YOU!

The next post will state a theme and few of my photos in relation it.

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Feel free to follow me on Instagram: @vstgoglobal

See ya’ll later peeps!


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