Photo Contest Theme: Happiness & Comedy

Hello everyone! As you all know I will be hosting a photo contest each week with a theme or topic.

Here are my 3 picks for this week’s theme and I’d love to see yours this week. Please send your submissions to

20170222_175945.jpg    20170218_18052320170225_134233

In your email include the following:
-your first/nickname name
-general geographic location from where you’re located
-where the picture was located (optional)
-your blog/website if you have one/would like to share (optional)
*If you have people in your pictures please make sure that they are okay with being published online. And don’t plagiarize at all!*

Let the contest begin and may the best person win! By the way, I will never choose myself as the winner. Final results will be posted this weekend!

Please make sure you HIT the LIKE button down below, COMMENT, SHARE, & FOLLOW this blog if you haven’t done so already.

Feel free to follow me on Instagram: @vstgoglobal

See ya’ll later peeps!


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