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Good day everyone. I haven’t had these chat-type posts in awhile. Thought I can’t give you full details yet I can tell you that I’m still in process in figuring out how to leave my legacy in this world. I’ve started a YouTube channel that’s still in the works. Click here.

What I’ve Learned This Year:
-Be positive even when things don’t go as planned
-Don’t give up even when you’re not financially stable you can still achieve your dreams
-Turn dreams into reality by taking your first step that might be the wrong one
-If it’s not right then take a second step and improve your first one….
-Your feet and mind will thank me later.
-Start something that you’re 100% passionate about not something that you hate that everyone is talking about.

As more followers grow on this blog, 165 & COUNTING,  you all encourage me to keep on blogging. If it wasn’t for all of you, I wouldn’t be here right now on my laptop writing this sentence. P.S. – I started blogging exactly a year ago. 1 year anniversary coming soon 🙂

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See ya’ll later peeps!

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