Day 1: Driving To Erie

Good day everyone. I apologize for not writing for a month because I have been very busy with new responsibilities outside my blog.

On October 11th, my family and I placed a week’s worth of baggage in the car and DROVE 7-8 HOURS (w/ food and restroom breaks) to Erie, PA.

Erie is located in Northwestern Pennsylvania, near Buffalo, NY and Cleveland, OH. I wanted to get in the car, drive, and escape for the rest of the week.

While I was driving, a family member was taking pictures of the settling fall season.

We captured a river flowing through the valley and by a town as well.


The drive was long but definitely worth it because we had no itinerary planned for the rest of our stay but knew it was going to be one of a kind 🙂



Thank you for reading along with me. Next post will be Day 2 of touring Lake Erie where we enjoyed the sounds of water hitting the rocks and sunset breeze.

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See ya’ll later peeps!

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