An Inner Need Answered By A Stranger

Good evening everyone. First of and foremost, I apologize that I haven’t been blogging much since my schedule these days is busier than usual. However, today is story-time.

After leaving work, I went shopping to the local supermarket, bought food for the upcoming week, and placed it in my car. While I was walking to my car, I noticed an elderly woman that was walking slowly from the shopping cart to her car. Frankly, we made short conversation in the store since she was in front of me at the cashier line.


I was irritated at what I was seeing because no one came to her aid, not even supermarket staff in uniform watching from the pavement. After locking my car doors, I walked to her car and politely asked if she would like assistance. She smiled and said, “I can only pull out a dollar from my purse.” I responded, “No ma’am this is all in a days work because it’s just who I am.” I don’t take money from people who need help. That’s just the way society raised me.

I literally rolled up my sleeves and started to hand her the shopping bags, one by one. I looked around and saw people standing and starring at me while handing her the bags. I was not embarrassed because I am only human, not superhuman. Well, maybe my heart is a superheart but not the rest of my body. Haha.
After handing her the last bag, she said God bless you and we both have each other a hug. She looked into my eyes and said, “Thank God that there are still good people like you in the world.” I walked to my car, felt my heart warm my entire body and couldn’t feel the cold breeze.

For those that stood, starred, and ignored, why? Why not take few minutes out of your day and help someone?
Share with me in the comment section below on your thoughts about this post. Also include your experiences in lending a helping hand, whether you saw someone or yourselves helping others in random acts of kindness.

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