Sunset Glow From The Window

Good evening everyone. Hope all of you are doing well this weekend. The sunset pictures below are from this past week and I haven’t been able to post the pictures on time because I’m very busy with the new opportunity that came into my hands recently. However, I hope you will forgive the delay and let this post uplift your heart as you enjoy the sunset montage 🙂

I was coming upstairs to get my water mug for dinner and saw the sunset glow from the window. I grabbed my phone, stood by the window, and again enjoyed nature’s gift of pure beauty.


glow 2

glow 3

glow 4

When the sun finally set, yet again its rays shinned red light thru the clouds for the rest of us to see and breathe its inner beauty.

glow 5


My apologies for the picture quality because my camera was still charging and the phone was the only object nearby to capture this short but sweet moment.

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See ya’ll later peeps!

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