Mid-August Roadtrip: Towers Beach, DE

Good day everyone. I know it’s been awhile since I’ve written a post. In the midst of starting a new opportunity, I did a day trip with my family to the Dewey Beach area in the state of Delaware. We parked at a state seashore park called Towers Beach. The normal drive is would take a good 3 hours but for us it was 5 hours stuck in traffic. We spent 3 hours at the beach, drove back the same day, and reached home as the sun was setting beyond the horizon.

I felt a 3 hour sea salt wash that turned my aching feet into calming ones.

I also had a chance to take a picture of the clouds above as the early evening tides starting to come towards land. Sometimes you just have to picture the perfect shot regardless if you decide to share it or not. The lighthouse is a beacon of Dewey Beach and was located at the entrance to the town.

20160813_160023  IMG-20160821-WA0002

The best part of this trip was when I had a family member take a picture of me while resting in the driver’s seat in the beach parking lot. This pose was inspired by a passenger in another car that was in the back seat in a family car. Also, I have no shame in taking selfies because I can’t live life over my shoulder while the people behind me look in wonders of what I was doing at the moment.

Driving back home…


Hope you all liked this post. Upcoming posts will consist of tonight’s sunset and a full moon night I captured earlier this week. My apologies that I am a bit behind on blogging but trying very hard to catch up.

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See ya’ll later peeps!

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