Chesapeake Bay: Part 2

Good day everyone. This post will cover day 2 of our vacation to the Chesapeake Bay on Kent Island, MD.

After breakfast, we decided to take a mini roadtrip to the Annapolis waterfront and catch a a 40-min ferry touring the Chesapeake Bay area. I’ll let the pictures do the talking 🙂

20160718_115356 Bought our Watermark ferry tickets and waited about 15 mins for the next ferry to come. In the meanwhile, you guys know me so well that I had to capture some amazing shots of Annapolis Inner Harbor.

The Armel-Leftwich Visitor’s Center is a giant dome that features everything you need to know about Annapolis and its surrounding sightseeing. It’s always fascinating to me about visiting visitor’s centers wherever I visit and get a taste of the city’s culture.

Let the ferry began on a glorious day of summer winds. If I wasn’t taking pictures, I could’ve written poetry about this trip because of the most amazing and breath-taking sites I have ever seen…so far that is 🙂

Featured above is the US Naval Academy campus on the waterfront of Annapolis Inner Harbor.

Top left is an old hanger. Top right is an image of a torpedo. The remaining 3 images depict the US Naval Academy.


Triton Light shown above, as a blue-green pole with a blue light, includes water from 22 seas around the world. The voyage of the USS Triton collected the water during 1960.

Historic navy ships above: YP689, YP683, YP692

Bottom left picture shows residential properties you’d see on HGTV.

We turned around and saw a better view of the retired hanger. It’s like time has stood still in historic landmarks as the outside world tick-tocks by the clock.

The 3 radio towers were the initial foundation of Annapolis and its role in America’s naval future.

Center picture shows you the waterfront skyline of Annapolis Inner Harbor.

I want you all to have a great time as well when you visit Annapolis waterfront area. Therefore, below is the contact information for the cruise company I used to enjoy my Sunday.

Phone#: 410-268-7601

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See ya’ll later peeps!

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