Chinese Calligraphy Art

Good evening everyone. Hope your week has started with a smile. As you all know, I visited an art reception early this month invited by Heather Dalton. While browsing the artwork, from paintings to jewelry, I noticed Chinese calligraphy on the wall. As I looked closely at the name, I invited Heather over to ask how she was inspired to create such eccentric pieces of art.

Based on my 2 interviews with Heather for her stores on Facebook and Etsy, I was intrigued to hear that she does Chinese calligraphy alongside with jewelry-making. Please feel free to click on the bold words above this sentence to find out more on what Heather is up to.

heather pic

How was your experience at Forever in Frames? Are you looking at any other venues to sell your artwork say local fairs?
My experience at Forever in Frames was phenomenal!  It’s great to be around other like-minded, creative people!  And they are a very nurturing group when it comes to creativity.  And yes, we are looking for another venue, we are trying to open up our own gallery for our artist group!

From left to right, the fourth person is Heather.

While I visited the art reception I saw that you do Chinese calligraphy. How did you get involved with it?
I got involved with Chinese calligraphy through my Harvard University online course called ChinaX, which is the history of China since the Neolithic period through Harvard University.  During the class they taught us a few characters and I was hooked!

Wow Heather, that’s really interesting. From our last conversation you had mentioned our inspiration for art was from nature walks to local field trips and such. However, your inspiration is from the online course on Chinese history and literature. Now let me ask you this: What is it about Chinese calligraphy that inspires you to pick up a paintbrush and draw a Chinese character?
What inspires me about Chinese calligraphy is that it’s a whole other way of thinking.  You use a different kind of brush (a bamboo brush), the brush strokes are different, you hold the brush differently, it’s just a whole different way of looking at painting.  Plus, it’s relaxing!


There’s much more to come from Heather everyone because it doesn’t stop here. I will be following her mastery while she attends future artistry fairs.

**All photos in this post were taken by me and painted by Heather Dalton.**

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See ya’ll later peeps!

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4 thoughts on “Chinese Calligraphy Art

  1. This was really interesting to read and know that you support the local artists is fabulous. thanks for sharing. just a mention on the calligraphy…..usually here in Malaysia the formation of the characters are much more “strict” and well defined for it holds special meaning and many homes will have characters with fortune or prosperity adorning their front doors to bring in the right chi. but this artist i think wanted her to look more quirky?

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