#WeStandWithNice #IStandWithFrance

Good evening everyone. I cannot write my next sentence that I usually type: Hope all of you are having a good day. The reason behind it is the terror attack in a rich, cultural, and popular town of Nice in southern France. According to CNN & The Guardian, many people have been killed. Today is not a good day for me nor for the world because we are glued to the screens of digital tools waiting to hear news and updates. The attack in Nice happened after the fireworks for Bastille Day, La fête nationale in French, as people were walking on the streets.

It is a tragedy that another terror attack has happened since the massacre in Dhaka, Bangladesh. As soon as I saw the story unfold on Twitter, I joined in the conversation:


Yes, enough is enough. People like you and me need to join hands and seriously think about long-term solutions to bring about #WorldPeace. It is possible to do so in this current day and age but WE HAVE TO WORK TOGETHER AS A TEAM. THERE IS NO I IN TEAM!


I’ve lit my candle, scented Peaceful Waters. If you have a small candle handy, light it and make sure it is set somewhere safe. If you’ve read this post this far, please take a moment of silence to remember and pray for the victims and their families.


Thank you for the moment of silence before proceeding to the end of this post.

I cannot include the usual hashtags of IME & ATF for this post so instead I’ll include the following:

#ViveLaFrance #WeStandWithNice #IStandWithFrance #WorldPeace


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