6 Dimensions of Wellness: Emotional

Avid Life Freedom

Emotional wellness is a continuous process in where we are aware and accept our own feelings. This takes time and effort in validating how we feel and accepting who we are as people.

positive-emotions Attitudes and direction of how we think are linked to how we deal with irrational situations.

In our day-to-day lives, we have annoyances who bring us down. Those that have a regular habit of bullying and harassing others are emotionally unstable. In addition, they will strive to increase the behavior knowing the habit will not be stopped by those in higher authority.

You will be angry and upset because someone decided to put you down at the wrong time. We are all human beings and always try to better ourselves. Sometimes, we will encounter people who take disadvantage of particular situations by taking steps to throw people under the bus. Unfortunately this is the real world.

How much…

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