My First Attempt for Lantern Art

Good evening everyone. Today I made my first attempt to do lantern art on a rainy and cloudy Saturday evening.

I bought a packet of 5 different types of moss ranging from cream, green, red and variety of shapes. I removed the roses and green apples from a previous vase and placed it in the lantern creating layers inside. In addition, I will be buying mini string lights to place against the interior glass walls to create a night lamp lantern for my room.


A cranberry mandarin splash scented candle was already lit in the kitchen while taking these pictures, which created a nice calm ambiance while writing this blog post.


What do you guys think of my first attempt? I plan on revising this lantern for fall, winter. spring, holidays, and special occasion.

Do you have any suggestions on how I should decorate it next? I want to stay away from candles inside the lantern.

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See ya’ll later!

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