Art Gallery@ Forever In Frames

Good evening everyone. Hope your Friday was as great as mine. Today, I was invited at an art reception by Heather Dalton whom you all know from my interview for Wearable Art From The Heart and the Etsy store. Click on the bold front to find out more about Heather.
The event was held between 7pm – 9pm and located at Forever In Frames, where Ron, a motivational speaker, owns variety of custom frames. He is the go-to-guy for all of your framing needs and the store is located in Hatboro, PA.
Address: 46 S York Rd, Hatboro, PA 19040
Phone: 215-676-2676
Before I talk about the artists, here’s a big shout-out and THANK YOU TO RON! HURRAY!

Below are the artists’ business cards I collected and had a chance to find out what inspired them to continue their journey as creative expressionists.

Heather’s jewelry:

Also her calligraphy artwork:
20160708_193203 20160708_194232

I had a chance to talk to 3 artists about what inspired them to uptake a career in art.

Melanie: My first appreciation for art was my first ballet class and painting in school. Whenever people would ask me would do you want to be when you grow up, I always answered, “I want to be an artist with a smile.” As she points to her artwork, Melanie says,”Look where I am now.”
Doris: I always knew my natural born talent was art and decided to continue it with the motto, “Why not?!?”

Left to Right: Melanie, Shain, Doris, Heather, Dave

VIDEO: Click here to view the featured art gallery.

Tom Doerr got involved with art when he was cordially invited to attend an art league 2 years ago. He finds painting a relaxing pass time and you guys can be the judge. Just look at the four paintings below. What do you think? Which one of Tom’s painting is your favorite?




I really enjoyed the event and had a great time talking to the local artists.



Hope you guys enjoyed reading this post. For more information about upcoming art galleries, stay tuned because more are on the way this summer. I’ve included Forever in Frames’ information in the beginning of this post and be sure to check out Ron’s store whenever you’re passing Hatboro, PA.

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See ya’ll later!

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4 thoughts on “Art Gallery@ Forever In Frames

  1. i like that you seek out the quirky and sweet and write about it and it seems like such a great thing to go see, i wished i lived closer to all this exciting places you write about, maybe when i see my sister in New Jersey next year i will drop by these parts. thank you!


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