A Helping Hand Turned Into A Smile

Good evening everyone. Hope all of you are doing well and your day was as fantastic as mine. If it wasn’t, I hope this post will put you in a good mood.

After I was finished with errands, I headed to the gym to do a couple of laps in the pool and then warm up in the whirlpool. Thirty minutes went by and a woman in approximately her thirties enters the whirlpool. I headed to the pool to cool off in the hot water when I hear the sound of a nose sniffling behind my back. I turned around but did’t see anyone crying.

I come back into the whirlpool and see tears flowing down the woman’s face. I politely asked her if she was alright and what was the matter. Some of you know that I used to work in long-term care as a nursing assistant. My nursing instincts went into play when I approached her but not one second did I think of ignoring her tears because WE ARE ALL HUMAN.
She talked about an event that was taking place in her life that was affecting her entire family and didn’t know how to deal with it. During a good 45 minutes, I held her hand because it was emotional for both of us. I know what it’s like to kneel down in front of a patient and say it’s going to be okay. However, outside of work it’s different when you are faced with a similar situation with NO WALLS.
I informed her that she has to be strong and the only thing people around you can say is everything is going to be fine. If you truly believe in this saying, then yes. If not, you eventually will have to accept it sooner or later. We conversed about travel, friends, and having positive support. It was time for her to leave and I turned around and said, “Ma’am I realize that I am a complete stranger but there are people like me that exist in this world. I’m glad that you spoke up and decided to relieve your emotions.” She thanked me, we shake hands and she left with a smile.

I was having my moment of IME = Inspire.Motivate.Elevate throughout the entire conversation.

I could’ve turned my back and let her cry. However, this is not how I was taught throughout life. I know what it feels like to be in a room as a complete stranger and be the outcast. This is why I reached out to her because my immediate reaction was putting myself in her shoes. 

Later, a known colleague who speaks Chinese entered the pool. We talked about exploring hidden adventures and the purpose of my blog. In addition, I asked her how to say hello and goodbye in Chinese. She taught me with warmth and a smile.

Hello: 你好 nǐ hǎo
Goodbye: 再见 zài jiàn

I thought of Loving Language’s blog while having this conversation.


Do you know why I asked her how to say salutations in Chinese? When I repeated these words back to her, I put the effort to pronounce it in a Chinese accent. I have noticed a common trait with us human beings. Whenever a person speaks a language of its teacher in their accent, the teacher smiles as wide as he/she possible. Majority of people at my gym’s pool know who I am and love to hear my adventures.

To top it all off, I saw another gorgeous sunset this evening:



I wish everyday was like today. However, this is not the case but it doesn’t mean that I can’t experience similar situations. You know what this means? Let’s get out and explore!

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See ya’ll later peeps!

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5 thoughts on “A Helping Hand Turned Into A Smile

  1. If I was upset I want someone like me to step up and lend a helping hand. I can’t ignore because I know what it’s like in that situation and no one does anything. Yes I like the graphic image too. Thanks Grace for commenting and stopping by!


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