Mini Trip to Philly

Good afternoon everyone. As mentioned in yesterday’s post, I had a chance to visit Philadelphia for awhile in the morning. Power-walking in 90 degrees Fahrenheit was brutal as I was sweating thru my business suit. However, I did get a chance to snap some cool pictures and a nice gulp of Nesquik’s chocolate milk. Please excuse the picture quality in this post because I was randomly taking pictures while rushing to my meeting.

Left: View of The Comcast Center Tower. Right: One Liberty Place
20160622_090839 20160622_090926

Can anyone guess the building in the background? This is near 17th & JFK. Let me know your guess in the comments below. Hint: If you have Google Earth, use it.

BNY Mellon Center and I love seeing greenery in the city.
20160622_092824 20160622_092828

Corner Bakery Cafe’s outdoor seating. Personally I prefer CBC in a suburban setting with less traffic but a great place for a quick lunch bite. Their food is healthy, nutritious, and mouth-watering. Well, my cooking is better but let’s keep that on the hush hush shall we?

I had a chance to meet Quiky the Nesquik Bunny while walking to my meeting. He gave me a free chocolate milk bottle fresh from the ice box and showed some good ole brotherly love.
20160622_091739 20160622_095738

Hope you guys enjoyed this post as much as I did visiting Philadelphia. Later this summer, I will be visiting Philly and doing an official ATF tour. You’ll get to see pictures of hidden gems and Ma and Pa cafes with delicious food.

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See ya’ll later!

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8 thoughts on “Mini Trip to Philly

  1. you looked very “cool” in your suit but i am sure you must have made some “temperatures” rise!! i am feeling happy and being silly today so just humour me but seriously lovely photos and seeing the city through your eyes.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I tweeted to Nesquik on Twitter and they gave me high props! I should definitely do couple of tours in Phila and see if I can catch any animated characters on the streets!


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