Late Evening Sunset

Good evening everyone. Happy Father’s Day to those fathers following this blog and others just stopping by. Hope your day was as great as mine.

Below are a couple of sunset pictures that caught my attention while watering the plants. I ran inside and upstairs to take these pictures before going downstairs for dinner. Plates were already set on the table so I couldn’t wait for the entire sunset show but I still wanted to share it with my ATF followers.





If you look at the trees, from the background the clouds look like waves going towards the sun. Any thoughts?

Hope you enjoyed this short post. I’ll try to travel to different areas around my town for sunset pictures. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. Ideas are welcome.

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9 thoughts on “Late Evening Sunset

  1. you know the feeling you get when you look at a photo and theres a pull on your heart like it skipped a beat or just paused a moment? i got that looking at the first photo, made me think of something and then the thought just faded off….beautiful feeling

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