Deeply Heartbroken: Orlando Mass Shooting

Note: This post will have no structure and is a free write from the heart.

Good evening my fellow Avid Travel Foodies. As we know from the news that there has been a mass shooting at a gay nightclub called Pulse, in Orlando, Florida.



I am deeply moved and completely heartbroken. My heart goes out to the families, victims, and survivors.

rainbow_tears_by_extremeexrement1-d4zj7cd a623e47c0f18ce03f08007a553bfc864

There is an increasing amount of hate, racism, and war in this world. Why? What do people get out of being negative? How can people get joy from seeing others suffer?


Being gay is not the problem. Being Muslim is not the problem. The problem is hate and we cannot tolerate this word anymore. The world has had enough. I have had enough…aren’t you listening?!?


You know that thing you are when you’re embarrassed? Don’t be embarrassed. You are what you are and everyone will love you just the same.
If they don’t love you and leave you instead, you are more than welcome to contact me here and I will reach out to you. My heart is always making room for long-lasting connections. Please. I repeat. Please don’t let anyone, NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON TELL YOU THAT YOU’RE A MISTAKE.

If you see anyone struggling on the street, don’t just walk by but help them out. Ask them if they’re ok and need medical attention. Be a hero for someone by holding the door for the person behind you and a superhero by standing up for social justice.

“When you’re silent, your silence condones it. Thus, whatever you believe in goes down the drain.” – Jennifer Tindugan-Adoviso


You know what the world needs? ACCEPTANCE. Accept your friend for who they are. Accept your neighbor for who they are. It does not matter what your race, gender, sexual orientation, or nationality is, where you are from is not how you should be treated in society. We are all equal.

Earth boy

There is still hope in this world and we need people like you to generate more everyday. Think about the victims that have been lost in this terrible massacre in US history. A night out with friends and dancing at a nightclub is not a crime. 

I cannot include the usual hashtags of IME & ATF for this post so instead I’ll include the following:

#PrayforOrlando   #MyHeartGoesOutToYou   #StayStrong   #Hope42016

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