The Day My Heart Skipped A Beat

BAPS is the abbreviation for Bochasanwasi Akshar Purushottam Sanstha  and is the religious and civic organization within the Swaminarayan branch of Hinduism.

The distance from my home to this temple is about an hour drive. This temple has so much detail that the words so much in this sentence cannot describe the elegance of the interior and exterior architecture. Note: the exterior pictures are taken by me and interior photos were not allowed to be taken at all unless I was a professional photographer with permission by temple management.


The windows attached on the sandstone walls were amazing. The picture shown above is not the actual temple. The temple worship is another structure within the exterior because construction management wanted the building to last more than a thousand years.



Indian gazebo- this is my best interpretation.

The 2 pictures below felt like I was going back in time, passing each pillar.


You might be wondering why I’m wearing full sleeves in the middle of summer. To show respect for the temple itself, a sign has been placed for all visitors and this includes covering up hands and legs.


The images below are of saints.

Below are exterior images inside the sandstone building.

While I was sitting inside the temple, I was thinking of 2 of my favorite bloggers: Gina and Eric. Gina and I share the love of ancient architecture and traveling to Hindu temples. I enjoy reading Eric’s blog because he writes from the heart. I was thinking of his post on letting go of anxiety while slowly walking in the temple. Thank you both for following my inspiring me everyday to strive better and better.

Hope all of you enjoyed this post as much as I did visiting the temple. The entire building is still under construction and will be finished in late 2017. My camera and I can’t wait to visit during the grand opening ceremony 🙂

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See ya’ll later peeps!

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9 thoughts on “The Day My Heart Skipped A Beat

  1. thanks for the mention! wonderful photos though the inside must be even more beautiful. i love the shot of the light passing across the pillars, that was very artistic. i admire the delicate architecture and the thought going into making this “to last a thousand years”. thank you for such a lovely post. i really enjoyed walking through the grounds with you. i might have missed it but which god is this temple dedicated to?

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