Stopping By A Perfect, Gardening Getaway

We were on our way from the temple and saw this farm between Rte 179 and 202 North. Jersey Fresh was the best and amazing flower, fruit, and vegetable market I have ever seen. Let me define best for this farm: eclectic and old-country, cottage-like stands for all of their plants.


I felt like I was in blooming flower paradise. I’m not very good with poetry at this point so I’ll stop here with the romanticism. If you have your favorite drink nearby, grab it while reading the rest of this post 🙂


Dark Pink Marshmallow
Purple marshmallow. I love flowers that have a natural drip below their hanging baskets.

20160522_14455420160522_145010  20160522_144519

Loose fruits and vegetables in open baskets. Feels like a dream shopping spree but very calm.

20160522_144640  20160522_144654

My favorite was the hibiscus flower in full bloom. Pure heaven 🙂

The white, faded dots you see are fresh rain drops.

We bought couple of vegetable plants and loose veggies too. Majority of my time was spent exploring this paradise. I call this paradise because it was the cherry on top for my day trip from Sri Venkateswara Temple.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know your favorite picture in the comments below.
Do you know of any local farms with blossoming vegetables, fruits, and flowers? I can visit them this year.

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See ya’ll later peeps!

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14 thoughts on “Stopping By A Perfect, Gardening Getaway

  1. Such a beautiful feast for the eyes. It would have been an amazing place to visit, not only for the visual, but also for the fragrant scent of so many flowers.
    Garden centres are just now starting to open up in Canada.
    My favourite picture is the macro of the purple marshmallow flower. It is like a hanging flower in a hanging basket! 🙂

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