Strawberry Festival 2016 Part 3

Good evening everyone! This post is a photo montage of the current flower-fest at Peddler’s Village during the Strawberry Festival. ATF follower Vondie Mercado, whom you have seen commenting on several blog posts, pointed out the flowers for the featured image. I’m very happy that you toured along with us at the Strawberry Festival this Saturday 🙂

20160521_164214 20160521_16423820160521_163313 20160521_164257 20160521_16495320160521_164840 20160521_165405

Does anyone know the name of the flowers/fruits shown below? Let me know in the comments 🙂

20160521_165058  20160521_170947
20160521_171043  20160521_171047

Greenhouse with indoor decors and outdoor patio furniture:

20160521_165714  20160521_17023920160521_165807  20160521_170122 20160521_170736  20160521_170747  20160521_170937 20160521_171113  20160521_171256  20160521_171144  20160521_171208 20160521_171317  20160521_171325  20160521_171440  20160521_171415  20160521_171342

Additional shops and eateries:


I took another picture of the lamp post and the US flag. Honestly, when I look at this picture, I feel calm and time stops. This image also reminds me of that scene from Chronicles of Narnia’s lamp post scene with Lucy Pevensie and Mr. Tumnus 🙂


Hope all of you enjoyed this post. More posts will be published this week about my adventure on Sunday in Bridgewater, NJ. Let me know in the comments below about your favorite picture and if you know the names of the unknown flowers/fruits.

Address: 2400 Street Rd, New Hope, PA 1893
Phone:    1-215-794-4000

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See ya’ll later peeps!

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