Strawberry Festival 2016, Part 2

The Artisan Fair was located in an empty lot by the grass-covered parking lot, next to the shops. It started to rain but that didn’t stop visitors from enjoying local artwork from garden furniture to glass art.



Oil Candles:

20160521_160252  20160521_160314

20160521_160302    20160521_160239

Yard/Patio cement stones:

20160521_160029  20160521_16003220160521_160037

Decorative garden signs and glass balls:

20160521_160003   20160521_164557


House-warming gift ideas:

20160521_161247  20160521_161307

20160521_161256    20160521_161300

I loved the Artisan Fair because it celebrates emerging and experienced artists a platform to share their hard work at a popular festival in a fantastic location.

Hope you enjoyed the photo montage of local Bucks County art work. Part 3 will be a collection of flower photography from the festival.

Which picture was your favorite? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

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See ya’ll later peeps!

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