Sweet Harvest Pumpkin Tea

Good Morning everyone. Hope your day is shinning bright today. I finished my house blend coffee packets last week and didn’t have any tea to drink either. However, when I opened my cupboard I found the last tea bag of sweet harvest pumpkin, black tea that was bought 2 years ago. I was really desperate to drink something for breakfast and didn’t have any other options.

Note: This tea is from Celestial Seasonings not NUMi Organic Tea. I drink mainly green tea from Celestial but found this box in the corner.

Just like with  breakfast blend from NUMi Organic Tea, I added the tea bag in a warm mug of milk with a spoon of sugar.


The tea taste was like waking up from a dream sleep between Peter Pan and Pirates of the Caribbean. While drinking it while sitting on the stool by the kitchen counter, I was thinking of the soundtrack for The Curse of The Black Pearl and Halloween. Yes, my imagination always runs wild and you all have to admit as well.


As always, I did my famous tea bag dissection and found the following ingredients as similar to those listed on the box:
-black tea
-roasted ground chicory
-Luo Han Guo (sweet fruit used as sugar substitute)
-Nutmeg cloves

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below on your first initial taste of this Holiday tea.

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