Giving Back: Ekal Vidyalaya

Good Evening everyone. I have an interesting experience to share with you today. I always look for ways to give back either through volunteering at a local charity or donating money to a social cause.

Ekal logo


How I heard about Ekal?
Ekal Vidyalaya
is a non-profit organization that provides basic education to children in rural India. In addition, health projects, such as toilet waste management and dental hygiene education, have started in rural health camps for women and children. I heard about Ekal from my parents when they started to discuss their efforts from local friends and events.

On June 26th, 2015, I decided to donate to Ekal to build a school in India. Yes I have student loan debt to payback; however, I could’ve waited for a high-paying job but I didn’t. The values that my parents instilled in me since I was young was that everyone deserves to obtain a quality education. When I received my confirmation receipt, I was very happy because the money to build 1 school comes with the following:
-1 teacher
-Educate 30 children
-Positive imact on 30 families
How cool is this to support an entire school for 1 year?

Yesterday I had attended a concert at Wissahickon High School in Ambler, PA. The event was called Anand Dhan Anand Swar with the Anand Vibhavari Group. These talented artists are listed below:
-Anand Vinod and Vibhavari Yadav (Singers)
-Jay Natu on The Octapad  (electronic drum kit)
-Raj Parmar on a customized keyboard
-Dhirendra Dave on the Tabla

Check out an excerpt of the concert here:

The concert brought me almost to tears because the auditorium was full. A nostalgia of donors and visitors who are passionate about increasing literacy in India. When I sat in the third row along with other donors I felt a belonging feeling that we are all on the same page that literacy is a necessity and a human right.

I am one of the thousands of donors around the world that is a rising change-agent in a new era of digital evolution mixed with cultural preservation. I am not a lone voice but am of many that attended this program to BE HEARD. We as human beings always want our voices to be heard because it is who we are. When there is an event coming up, I will definitely let you guys know either on this blog or on Twitter.
Come out, BE HEARD, and support Ekal Vidyalaya’s mission to increase literacy in India.

Watch an excerpt of the concert HERE.

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See ya’ll later peeps!

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