NUMi Organic Tea: White Rose

Happy Tuesday everyone! Hope all is well with you guys. Since the inception of this blog in December 2015, I’ve had 5,686 visitors and 7,677 views till date. Thank you so much for your love and support. I really appreciate it.

As a mini celebration this morning, I am drinking white rose tea that NUMi Organic Tea has graciously sent me in the mail. Immediately when I opened the packet I smelled a mixture of white rose and bold tea.


The high notes of this tea is white rose and small hints of rose stigma. I know I’m very particular in tea tastings and it’s because I’m an expert in this area. I’ve had a good amount of training from the shops in New Hope and Peddler’s Village in PA.


After a couple of sips, I added a spoon of honey which enhanced the taste of rose than just bold tea. However, please don’t be misguided for the image below that the honey didn’t cause the color to change from light yellow to a dark gold yellow. I let the tea bag sit for awhile before the opening ceremony of the tea bag 🙂


I opened the tea bag and saw mini white  & purple rose petals, soft green stems, and green tea leaves.




In the image above, you can see a mini white rose in the center.

What are your thoughts so far on my posts about NUMi organtic teas? Which one is your favorite and least favorite? Any teas that I should try?

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