NUMi Organic Tea: Jasmine Green

Hi everyone. Hope all of you are enjoying your day. Right now it’s night time here in PA and I’m getting ready to drink a cup of green tea after my meal.

Today I will be drinking jasmine green tea. This tea reminds of sitting on a countryside patio facing vineyards with families enjoying berry picking and selfies. I know, my imagination runs wild while writing my posts. I don’t plan on any of these thoughts before I start writing in my blog.


Jasmine green tea origins are from India and China with numerous health benefits.

  1. Antioxidant properties: Jasmine green tea is high in catechins which is an antioxidant helps to reduce body fat and increase metabolism.
  2. Cardio health: The catechins found in jasmine green tea helps to reduce levels of cholesterol and blood pressure. It’s interesting to know about how green tea’s antioxidants function in our body.
  3. Gastrointestinal disorders: The antioxidants interact with gastrointestinal enzymes and create a healthy bowel movement.

This tea does have some caffeine in it but I’m drinking it for the taste immediately after dinner.

The color of this tea is golden yellow and tastes like a jasmine blossom petal. No need for honey or lemon because the after taste is like a room full of jasmine scented candles.


When you let the tea sit for a good 10 minutes you can see the actual color of the robust flavors, as shown below.


Inside the tea bag there are fermented green tea leaves with mini jasmine petals and their stems.



Let me know your thoughts of jasmine green tea and your favorite place to drink this tea while enjoying it.

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