NUMi Organic Tea: Green Rooibos

Hello everyone. Hope all of you are doing well. Numi Organic Tea was kind enough to send me samples in the mail, including green rooibos tea.
I enjoyed rooibos tea every evening with my flatmates in Wales when I studied abroad from January-June 2011. Sometime in May I will write about my adventures since I still have the SD cards…laying around somewhere in my room  🙂

Top 3 facts about the health benefits of green rooibos tea:

  1. Antioxidants: Rooibos tea has antioxidants that work to fight against diseases and boost your immune system.
  2. No caffeine: This tea will always be caffeine free no matter where you buy it from. Less caffeine in your diet will improve your stress levels, mood, and cardiovascular health.
  3. Bone health: Rooibos is rich in calcium which helps to strengthen your bones. Improving bone health means reducing chances of being diagnosed with arthritis, osteoporosis, and chronic join pain.

Green rooibos tea has a robust-happiness flavor that invites you to keep drinking the tea even till the last sip. This tea is very popular in South Africa and is often drank as an after-work beverage before preparing dinner.

I always put a spoon on honey in every herbal and green tea before drinking. However, this time I tasted the green rooibos tea without adding honey. This tea is naturally sweet and the after taste has high notes of bold maplewood tea- in my opinion. Imagine you’re in an aromatherapy session to relieve your stress and reinvigorate the senses. This is how I felt after the first sip and even better after a spoon of honey.

20160423_121445 20160423_121455

As always, I love to open a tea bag and see the ingredients. Honestly, I like to stand out and take pictures of opened tea bags. Haha!

20160423_122154 20160423_122218

I let the cup of tea cool down until a bit cold. The taste is even better because it’s more bold in taste and appearance as shown below.

NUMi organic teas are found in most tea shops and international stores around the world. You can also buy their products by clicking here. In addition, the company is Fairtrade International  certified and has won several eco awards.

Happy sipping! Make sure you find a quiet spot and think about a place in paradise while drinking rooibos tea because it will taste better  🙂

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See ya’ll later peeps!

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