Healthy Sunday Dinner

Wassup peeps! I apologize for not writing about my dinner on Sunday. In this post, I will not be including any detailed recipes.

To start off, I was making stir fry in a pan. From previous posts I have talked about basting Oil from local Wegmans, olive oil works too. Try not using vegetable oil because stir fry will not grill the veggies properly. I’m talking from experience.

I let the tofu and mushrooms cook for awhile. In addition, once the mushrooms looked a bit too greasy, I poured the extra oil into the sink. This way, there was room for freshly cut asparagus as shown below.

Just wanted to get creative with this one. I tried to take a #selfie but the picture was horrible.


Mushrooms, asparagus, and my all time favorite (drum roll please) firm tofu with salt and ground pepper.

With the weight of 1.5 min microwave steamed asparagus, the mushrooms and tofu grilled faster.


I added jerk seasoning to the stir fry to give it a spice kick. I bought jerk seasoning from my trip to Jamaica in late spring 2014.

I prepared peas and diced carrots in steamed quinoa as shown below. The little bubbles you see is a mixture of quinoa and oil in water.



Mixed vegetable (including a cup of mung beans and 1 turnip), tomato, and beet soup. Yes we add beet in our soup because it’s good for your immune system, has fiber, potassium (helps improve muscle function), and manganese (good for liver, pancreas, and kidney). Would you rather eat this meal or take medications the rest of your life? No, seriously think about it ??


Hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I did cooking and eating this meal.

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See ya’ll later peeps!

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