Passero’s Coffee @ Suburban Station, Philadelphia

Good day to everyone here. Hope all of you are doing well. Try not to be stressed out and enjoy your days. Cherish every moment…well maybe not every. Hmm every other is fine.

I visited Passero’s Coffee at Suburban Station Concourse in Philadelphia about 3 weeks ago. Staff is very upbeat and cheerful. Frankly, whenever I pass-by, I wave and hear, “Hey V, whats up?” Yes they remember their regulars, especially when you thank them for their delicious food and service.

The location of Passero’s is fairly easy to find once you are in the main station area between Tracks 1 to 5. I use the station entrance on 16th Street and in between Temple University Center City campus and 2 Penn Tower. Take the stairs down and walk towards the main station area towards track 5 on the right side. After the Pretzel Factory, you will see Passero’s on the side.


You can order at any of their 2 counters and sit on the bar stools to enjoy your meal, as long as you get there before the lines start. Usually during non-peak hours, the staff will strike up a conversation with you. If they do, enjoy it because you want to remember the positive experience to make you come back with a friend or two.


20160329_172811.jpg  20160329_172726

My 2 favorite items on the menu are the City Hall Panini and Mac n Cheese. I order the City Hall Panini includes chicken but I replace it with another vegetable of my choice. The Mac n Cheese is the homemade dish your mom used to make when you were a little kid coming home from a long day of school. All items are freshly made same day at the shop.


20160329_172752.jpg  20160329_172611


This is the place to be for lunch. The lines are long in the morning for coffee and lunch but the wait it TOTALLY worth it. Trust me!

Hours of Operations: Monday to Friday 6AM to Friday 6PM
Note: Lunch is served between 11:30AM – 1:45PM. They do stop serving panini and sandwiches after 1:45PM and serve soup until 4-4:30PM- depends on customer traffic. After 4:30pm they start selling coffee, snacks, and close at 6PM.

Exterior: 10/10

Interior: 10/10

Service: 10/10

Food: 10/10

Atmosphere: 10/10
-There will be instances where you cannot hear yourself talk to the staff or your friends, but it is worth the wait for the mouth-watering comfort food that you are about to dig into.

Price: $
-I give this 1 dollar sign because the price is affordable for city costs and will make you come back for more.


Happy eating everyone!

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See ya’ll later peeps!

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