New Beginnings

A new beginning is always filled with excitement, joy, and happiness. Think of that big smile you have on your face when you think of the words “new beginnings.”

Sometimes you don’t even have time to think about how it ended because it was just a big blur. You want to take time and think about what happened, right? My advice: don’t. Don’t think about it and move on. Stop looking over your shoulder. Some of you may say, “Well I can’t just move on it’s not that easy.” You’re absolutely right.

Listed below are a couple of suggestions on how to turn an ending into a new beginning and embrace the deep breathing exercises. You have just made a major change in your life. Don’t be scared. Embrace it.

  1. Mindshift. You can change your address, spouse, clothes, phone, email, social media usernames, etc. However, you must change your mind. Nothing is more powerful than what, how, why, and when you think about yourself, others, and the world around you. Think about the positive impact you are going to have in this new beginning. How are you going to be affected along with those around you? Look at things from a different perspective. Tilt your head to the side if you have to because I do it all the time.

    mind change
    Change your mind-set and you will change your life.
  2. Appreciate what you have learned. Nothing is more powerful and beautiful than a smile that has struggled through the tears. Don’t regret your time during the previous experience so remember the good moments. That time when everyone wished you happy birthday, congratulated you on providing feedback about a project that benefited your team, or as simple a thank you because you made someone’s day special.
  3. Realize every step is necessary. If you made a big change today and burned a bridge, you did it because something much better was on your next step. You have to keep going and climbing. I can’t say that the sky is the limit because we have astronauts and space stations up there for a reason: sky is NOT the limit. Every big step is followed by several little steps. For others, we have to take that giant step and face the possible risks such as burning bridges.
    sun walkway

My experience: I had a choice to make about a similar situation related to new beginnings. Should I stay on the same course or steer my own ship? If I stayed on the same course I would’ve had higher security to maintain stability. The new path offered excitement, joy, happiness, and best of all: relaxation. You know that feeling when a burden has been lifted off of your shoulder? Yes, this was the feeling I had when I choose to follow the new path. However, it’s never good to burn bridges especially not emotionally; however, if you truly need to walk away and say apples and oranges, then that’s your decision.

Think about what is best for YOU & YOUR FUTURE.

Create the future you want to have for YOURSELF. We all have a burning passion inside of us at some point in our lives. Listen to that voice. In previous posts, I have mentioned countless number of times to follow your inner desire. If that desire is part of your new beginning, then go for it.

Like the sand in the hour glass, every second time goes by. Use it well.

hourglass mini sand
Like the sand in the hour glass, every second of time flies by. Use it well.

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2 thoughts on “New Beginnings

  1. Love this post..!! Honestly, I am one of those who says “Can’t just move on.. Its not that easy”. But the tips you provided for embracing new beginning of life are just wonderful.. Keep writing and we will keep reading !!

    Liked by 1 person

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