Tomato Mozzarella Salad

Tomato mozzarella salad with a hint of basil is my all-time favorite wherever I go on vacation with an eat-in kitchen. Because I am weary of eating out everyday while n vacation, I prefer making quick and healthy recipes. Once I’m done eating, I can go out and explore some more!

Also, for this recipe you will not be using store bought dressing. I will be showing you how to benefit from olive oil.

Ingredients and Utensils:

  • knife
  • cutting board
  • fresh basil (not dried but moist)
  • roma tomatoes
  • olive oil
  • salt
  • ground pepper
  • fresh ball of mozzarella cheese. (don’t buy the block cheese)



  1. After washing them under hot water, take your knife and remove the green leaves from the tomatoes on your cutting board.
  2. Slice the tomatoes 1 centimeter thick and cut the slices in halves. You want the tomato to soak up the flavors of basil, cheese, and olive oil. *I cut them in halves so I can relax while eating but if you’re in a rush, leave them sliced in circles. Same for the cheese.*
  3. Slice the mozzarella cheese 1 centimeter thick and then cut the slices in halves. Patience is a virtue. Balls of cheese are not easy to slice. If you don’t cut it properly it’s okay.
  4. Wash the basil leaves, cut them from their stems, and chop or tear into smaller leaves. Some people prefer to chop or leave as is. Because I’m lazy, I tear them by hand. Yes this is the truth. It’s not about how pretty it looks in terms of presentation, but your own masterpiece for your healthy-hungry body 🙂

Final Touch:

  1. Place the sliced tomatoes on the plate first. Place the cheese in between every slice of tomato. Sprinkle the basil leaves on your plate. Make sure the leaves are evenly spread on top of the tomato slices.
  2. Depends on the serving size, add 1-2 spoons of olive oil in a circular motion.
  3. Sprinkle salt and ground pepper. The mixture of olive oil, salt, and pepper is your dressing.


When you take your first bite, you will experience nostalgic flavors of mild tomato and mozzarella cheese, with a strong hint of basil with lush and salted peppered olive oil 🙂

Let me know how it turned out for you in the comments below!

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See ya’ll later peeps!

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