March Madness: The Healthy Way

Hey everyone!
How was February for all of you? Busy? Boring? Exciting? Or in the middle? Comment below and also let me know feedback on my posts for this month.

In March, I will be writing about my travels around town from small eateries to franchise restaurants to places to see. Everyone wants to know about those hidden gems, this is the place to read and where you can find them. My opinions will only be objective and not favorable. If there some places where the food and/or atmosphere are not so good, those will be mentioned here.

Easy and medium-work recipes will also be posted throughout this month and onward. I want to focus on benefits of quinoa and brown rice.

brn rice tofu
Brown rice and tofu with string beans

There will also be posts about wellness as well. I will be focusing on examples of the six dimensions of wellness you have read about in February. Personally, I value emotional wellness a bit more because this affects us 24/7. The more happy we are as human beings, the more we will live our lives freely. Yes, there are limitations and sacrifices to be made before taking a giant step.

Remember to inhale…exhale.

Like and comment in the section below on what you would like to see me write for this month. I respond to all requests.

For those that are new to my blog, feel free to introduce yourselves here or under my About post.

Cheers 🙂

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