Seedless Kishu: A Mandarin Perfection

Seedless Kishu is my favorite mandarin orange to place in my kitchen fruit bowl, along with bananas, navel oranges, pears, and apples.

Fresh bought from ASSI Plaza

I prefer mandarin oranges, specifically seedless Kishu, because they are very easy to peel by hand, sweet, and less messy after peeling. In addition, there are 2 benefits I value the most about these oranges.

Mandarin oranges are loaded with dietary fiber. This type of fiber lowers the level of cholesterol and keeps the blood sugar in balance by slowing down your food absorption. A fresh, ripe orange can prevent constipation the following morning and let bowel movement be not so painful. Make you drink a glass of water after eating fruit by staying hydrated at night. If you’re using a squatty potty, don’t get rid of it just because you started to eat seedless kishu. I’m not a healthcare professional to make that decision for you. Sorry.

Another benefit in mandarin oranges is antioxidants. Below is a list of antioxidants that mandarin oranges carry, besides Vitamin C, and their benefits.

  • beta-carotene: can be converted to retinol which is a form of Vitamin A. Used to support immune system and overall vision health.
  • lutein: eye nutrient to help reduce cataracts
  • zeaxanthin: reduces macular degeration which leads to vision loss.

Buy, peel, taste and ENJOY!


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See ya’ll later peeps!

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