6 Dimensions of Wellness: Social

Social wellness is the ability for individuals to interact with people around them. I would say that social wellness does tie in with emotional and intellectual wellness because you have to build a stronger relationship between yourself, those around you, and the broader community. You have to be open-minded. NO EXCEPTIONS! If you choose to travel down this specific wellness path you must be open to new ideas, in relation to spiritual wellness, and communicate effectively with your natural environment. This is not limited to work, home, and school.

Selfishness does not contribute one bit to social wellness. Yes, the focus should be on bettering yourself 24/7. However, when you serve or help others, you are helping yourself. Refer back to my first blog post on inspiring, motivating, and elevating others.

Try to resolve conflicts quickly with people around you. If the other party needs some space, put one hand up, say okay, and keep the other hand down between the two of you. You do not want more time to pass by and burn your bridges. If the person or people do not want to repair the relationship, move on because life is too short to hang on to little arguments. Trust me. I’ve been there done that, just like the rest of us. It is hard to let go at times.

I can give you the perfect example. When I studied was in college and studied abroad, I never took 1 sip of an alcoholic drink. I departed for the UK on my 21st birthday. It wasn’t that my parents didn’t want me to drink, but a choice. I just didn’t feel comfortable, for not even a sip. I lost a good amount of people as friends in college and while studying abroad in Wales because I didn’t drink. The thought of drinking to have a circle of friends didn’t cross my mind because I held onto the values that my parents taught me as a young child. I didn’t need a big circle of friends to keep me engaged in life and happy. All I wanted was genuine and sensual acceptance. When our communities accept us for who we are, we are much more happier and joyful. Yes, you can literally raise your hands up high and say, “YES YES YES!”

Below are some suggestions to travel on the path to social wellness:

  • The ability to be WHO YOU ARE in all situations.
  • Valuing diversity by treating others and yourself with dignity and respect.
  • Always remember to have fun and laugh. Laugh every single day because as I mentioned before, life is too short.
  • Balancing social and personal time.

If you are already on the path to social wellness, ask yourself these questions and take time to think before answering.

  1. Do I plan time to be with family and friends?
  2. Are any of my relationships positive and rewarding?
  3. If any of my relationships are not positive nor rewarding, can I repair them? You might think a bit more: I’ve tried to repair the bond but no use. What should I do? You already know the answer to that because it lies deep in your soul.

That answer is hidden beneath all aspects of denial. THE TRUTH.

The world is your best friend. Nurture it and you will redefine yourself.


Create long-lasting relationships and strong bonds that will make you even more happier outside your comfort zone.

There are many people I have had the pleasure to contact and keep in touch regularly across the world because of this blog and sharing my work on Twitter.

I took charge of my destiny, so should you. The time is NOW.

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See ya’ll later peeps!

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