Roasted Cauliflower Pizza

#Mondaymotivation Dining out with mom on a Monday @AnthonysCF in Horsham, PA.

Clear skies and perfect degree weather on the first day of February was the perfect night out for dinner.

Clear of all the snow and ready for the mouth-watering slice. Mmmm.

I had a chance to take a picture of the outdoor dining space before being seated.

The middle fire pit has a sign that reads: Anthony’s Well Done Pizza.

It wasn’t very busy today because it’s a Monday and the beginning of the work week.

View from my table. I like sitting in the back because it gives you the full view of the restaurant.

For those of you that enjoy a cocktail after work with your coal-fired pizza, the bartenders are the best. They’re conversational, funny, and help you feel you belong there.

We ordered our all-time favorite the roasted cauliflower pizza. Absolutely amazing. As a colleague of mine would say at work- FANTASTIC!

Just look at it. Don’t dream it, go to a location near you.

Our server placed 1 slice in both of our plates. I had a chance to take a snapshot and short video of my first slice as my mouth was drooling for that first bite.

You can see the detail of a crispy crust, warm and stringy mozzarella, with crunchy breadcrumbs.

Rating for 2/1/16 experience:

Exterior: 10/10

Interior: 10/10

Service: 10/10

Food: 10/10

Atmosphere: 10/10

Thank you Anthony’s for making my night out with my mom so special. Top-notch food, atmosphere, and staff that are happy to serve those that love the freshness of coal-fired pizza.

#Inspire #Motivate #Elevate


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