6 Dimensions of Wellness: Intellectual

Intellectual wellness is when you engage yourself in creative and stimulating mental activities to expand their knowledge and skills. In addition, you should always discover your talent and potential to help others around you.

Go for it.

When you are traveling on the path to intellectual wellness, there is no end but a starting point. You will be thirsty for expanding your creativity and seeking out challenges that will stimulate your brain. Here are some questions to ask yourself when you are beginning this path:

  • Am I open to new ideas?
  • Am I open-minded to look for creativity?
  • Do I seek personal growth by learning new skills?
  • Am I actively searching for lifelong learning opportunities ?
  • Am I searching for stimulating mental activities that will expand my growth infinitely?

These are your 5 questions that you should be consistently asking yourself in order to be bias free. We all have our own opinions and views for difficult situations and challenges. It is hard to keep an open-mind. We have difficult days where we know our opinion is the only one that is higher than everyone else. How should you handle this situation?


Simple Answer = Let it go. We are all human beings and our hearts beat the same. Yes, our genetic makeup is different so we must value intellectual diversity.

Be internally and externally diverse to the highest degree.

Never be unproductive. Always seek out creative challenges that will stimulate your mind. Do not hold back. Repeat it again in your head. When that crack is visible on your shell, it will be easy to break it. Stepping out of your comfort zone is scary in the beginning, but trust me I’ve been there and still in limbo. I can tell you from my personal experience with this blog that I didn’t know what to expect from starting my own website and writing about positive living topics.

Look where I am right now. On WordPress and Twitter, I get to connect with many of you that provide a positive intellectual experience for me.

All of you, my readers, do-ers, and thinkers, give me the highest amount of respect and inspiration.

Thank you.

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See ya’ll later peeps!

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