Healthy Sunday Is Here

Nice. Nice. Ahhh. Just a good day to relax and sit on the porch or your dinning room table facing the backyard or city view, if you have it.

However, you begin thinking is it really worth it to have 24 hours of me time on a day like Sunday? Because you finished all your housework and miscellaneous errands on Saturday. So what’s the point of doing more work on a day like Sunday, regardless of the weather?

Physical Fitness.
You’re not a couch potato. Even if you’re in school studying in class, online, or both, you should be getting up every now and then to stretch and perform a physical activity. Yes you! The one rolling your eyes and thinking, “yea ok like I’m going to stretch. No I think I’ll just lay in bed or watch TV downstairs.” See. I heard that!

Yes food. You over there! Holding a family-size bag of chips while your hand is about to grab a savory, mouth-watering BBQ chip that you crave so much. With every crunch, you can taste the hardcore BBQ flavor that makes your mouth drool and wanting to find a chip better than the one you just ate.
I know I’m teasing you.
But seriously, put it on the counter, take your hand out, wash your hands, wrap it up, and put it away. This includes that other thought about popcorn and pop tarts. Now, now. Don’t get me started on those chocolate chip cookies with bits of creamy, delicious peanut butter bits.

Chocolate chip peanut butter cookies. This is a no-no. If you read up to here, keep reading.

This does make you go back and satisfy that Sunday junk-munching craving ~ don’t fall into it! Why? Because you won’t stop eating and then you’ll have a stomach ache.

Physical fitness and healthy food habits are very important to us. The more healthy we are the better we will feel each and every day.

Sunday advice on fitness:
Stand up straight. Touch your toes, without bending your knees. If you do bend your knees, try and straighten them little by little. Take a power walk around the neighborhood and/or around your apartment or house. Trust me, any type of physical exercise helps because it’s for your own body. You are taking the time to maintain it at the end of the weekend, that is if you don’t have a Sat-Sun job.

Power walk outside or inside.

Sunday advise on food: Buy some greens from the grocery store such as celery, broccoli, asparagus, etc. (if you’re not allergic to any of them). It may seem overwhelming but here’s an idea. Every time you crave BBQ chips or chocolate chip cookies, slice the celery in approximately 1-2 inch pieces and put it in a snack bag. This way, when you want to eat something, you will be eating nutritious food healthy for your body. As long as you don’t eat veggies as snacks after dinner.

Sliced celery in approx. 1 inch pieces

In the next couple of blog posts, I will be posting some simple recipes that you can make with greens on any day of the week. Yes, especially on Sundays. Also, there will be 1-2 posts on fighting cravings.

So, what have you learned?

  1. Are you going to stay away from the side of the food pantry that has your favorite junk-munching bites?  Yes.
  2. Are you going to be engaged in physical fitness and ignore the couch potato rule?  Yes.
  3. Are you going to help your mind, heart, and soul be happy on Sundays? Oh.
    Hold on.
    Wait for it.     Wait for it.     YESSS!!!!

Inhale…Exhale. Sunday is here. Let’s make the best of it.

*DISCLOSURE: The content in this post is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. You should contact your own physician or other qualified health care provider with any questions you may have regarding treatment. Relying on information provided by this content is done at your own risk.*

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See ya’ll later peeps!

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