Good Morning

You know it and you feel it. You turn your head, open your eyes, and see the rising sun with its rays stretching over the room of your home.

A New Beginning.

Sit up straight and cross your legs in a pretzel-like position. Inhale. Stretch your arms out. Exhale by bringing them to your knees.

Stand up with legs on the floor. Stretch again towards the sun (as long as you don’t look directly towards the sun or it will be your eyesight).
Today. Today is going to be a fantastic day.

Brush your teeth.
Clean them squeaky clean. Floss in between your teeth and around the back of your wisdom teeth as well. That spot over there. Yes that one. The hard to reach spot. Finish off with a good 30 second rinse of mouthwash. You know that commercial on TV where we see a person smiling after a good rinse? Yes, that’s the guy. Feel good about your dental hygiene because you’re taking time to take care of your body.

My favorite part of the day because I get to choose how healthy I want to be today and what mood shall I set for the day.
What is my favorite hot beverage to drink? Hmm. I will go beyond this question and give two answers: Saffron milk and Nescafe House Blend coffee.

  • Saffron milk is basically taking 4 mini strands of saffron, typically found in Asian, Middle Eastern, & international stores, crush them into tiny bits along with a half spoon of sugar in 2% milk. Saffron milk will have a creamy sweet scent when you take a sniff after the milk turns a mild yellow-orange color.
Saffron Milk in a small bowl but still the same affect in a mug of milk.
  • Nescafe House Blend is my favorite coffee. Half spoon of ground coffee powder and sugar in 2% milk. Inhale the fresh coffee and let your body rejuvenate itself for the incoming taste of a fresh morning beverage.
Your morning brew. I know it’s the view that you want but it was the picture I could find for coffee and scenery on Google.

I sincerely apologize for the breakfast part of this post as it does not apply to those that are lactose intolerant. However, I do drink saffron in almond milk from time to time.
Think of your morning beverage as that one drink that will kick-start your day. Now, let’s face it. When the coffee or tea is bad, you will have a bad day and be cranky. Yes even orange juice or your favorite smoothie. Also, don’t forget to have some fruit, toast, and some meats, if you’re not a vegetarian.

Toast, eggs, bacon,. Try adding a homemade, mini fruit cup after your shower.

Shower/bath time.
Depends on how your bathroom is built, its time for that non-time wasting bath. Reinvigorate yourself with a warm shower. Use your favorite body wash where you know it’s going to give you that immediate boost. Feel the water on your face, washing away all the negativity from your head. Rain shower during my bath. Ahhh.

Time to get dressed.
Wear that favorite tie that’s been hanging in the corner that says: Damn, this is me. Wear at least one piece of clothing that you can say: Yes this is me and I’m going to work my magic today at work. Or you maybe in the healthcare field where scrubs are required. Don’t always wear the same colored scrubs or tie, change it up a bit unless your job requires you to wear a certain color or uniform.

Shoes on.
Keys in hand. You’re ready to go. Walk out the front door and take a few steps. Turn around and look at your home. Wow you just had an amazing morning and can’t wait to do it again tomorrow. Look forward to the car, bus, and/or train ride to work because you just had the best time getting up in the morning.

Inhale. Exhale.
Everyone deserves to be happy but we as individuals must put forth the effort getting to that point of 100% happiness.

True. Very True.


Be happy.

Rise above.

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See ya’ll later peeps!

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