IME: Inspire Motivate Elevate


Do it again or a few times if you have to.

There are three things that you should abide by every single day: Inspire. Motivate.Elevate.

Hold the door for someone. Walk a few steps, look back and see the chain reaction. Are there other people performing the same act of kindness? Yes. How is this possible? That one tiny thought. That one right there. Right there. You see it? The one where you know you can make a difference in someone else’s life. Inspire others on how you make a difference in someone else’s life because it is our duty as human beings to contribute to the better of society. Based on current events around the world, we all need each other. Help that person. Hold the door for someone.

Inspire. Be that #changeagent

Take a walk in the neighborhood. Talk to that person on the streets that you see everyday holding up a sign that says: GOD BLESS YOU. Instead of saying that simple hello, go up to him and talk to him. Buy him a nice cup of warm coffee and a pastry from the corner cafe. Create that long-lasting bond of friendship. Tell him from this point forward, he will no longer be alone. Encourage him. Motivate him to move forward with his life. Ask him what he wants to achieve in his life and what goals he wants to pursue. Tell him that it is possible because at one point in your lifetime, before you met him, you went through something similar in your childhood or adult years. Share that story with him so he knows he will never be alone. Shake his hand. Share that hug. Be the best that you can be and motivate others to do the same. When he gets up from the ground and gets moving, he can pick up two more people with his hands because you brought him up to stand up high. Because in the end, what you make of yourself affects the people around you.

Motivate. Help others along the way.

No matter what people say behind your back, don’t let it get to you. Because the most important person in the room, wherever you are, is you. If you let the negativity get to you and you let it bring you down, you will loose yourself in the battle. Yes. You will loose yourself. I repeat, do not let it get to you. Remove the critics around you and the critic inside you and let your true self shine. Let the aura of self-satisfaction fulfill your heart and soul and shine as bright as you can. Stretch your arms out and smile wider than any other person you know. Go for it.

Sillhouettes of a champions on the high mountain. Sport and active life
Elevate yourself beyond recognition.

Smile. Smile again and as wide as you can. Don’t let anything stop you from smiling and being joyful. You are who you choose to become the day of and the next day.



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See ya’ll later peeps!

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7 thoughts on “IME: Inspire Motivate Elevate

  1. It’s far to easy to let the fundamentals of each day be forgotten, but if we can manage to remind ourselves of 3 small things, our days can be that much brighter. Such a great piece, good work! x

    Liked by 1 person

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